Leonardo Maddog X обновление

Обновление для Маддога от Леонардо подъехало! Если мне не изменяет память, это первый самолет с PBR-текстурами кабины.

Ссылка на скачивание

список обновлений большой, основные пункты, это:
» Seamless integration with PFPX/Simbrief for route/flight planning: my personal thanks to Derek from Simbrief for his kind cooperation.
» Single livery installers: to reduce download size, only one livery per aircraft model is now included. Liveries being part of the previous version are available in our free repaint library in the forums, as individual downloads.
» Optional PBR VC: as for the external model, PBR can be independently enabled/disabled at wish via load manager — ‘simulator options’.
» Live sync between P3D v4.4/v4.5 and the load manager application for fuel/weights modifications.
» EPR SEL option in TRP (SAS configuration).
» Support for networked Active Sky installations.
» Support for IVAP trasponder sync via LUA scripting and FSUIPC.
» Addition of clickspots to operate stairs, radome, cockpit windows, engine cowls and gear doors directly from the external view.
» ACARS system: a new level of immersion to discover. ACARS integrates with Active Sky (version 7035 or greater) and our maintenance/failures module: based on an AI platform, ACARS is able to exchange messages according to the different flight phases with dispatch and maintenance: you can check D-ATIS at airports, receive sigmets if severe weather is expected and interact with maintenance in the case of failures. Check this post to discover the potential! Important: ACARS system in Maddog X works differentely from what you could be used, being a first-generation system.

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