SkyMaxx Pro v4.8

SkyMaxx Pro обновился до версии v4.8

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  • New choices for cirrus, overcast, and cumulus cloud textures
  • New user interface for choosing cloud textures; each cloud type now has its own configuration screen
  • Fix appearance of precipitation in VR
  • Suppress towering storm clouds above 40 degrees latitude (unless told to explicitly by an external injector)
  • Fix cloud/terrain blending when using Real Weather Connector while only ground fog is present
  • Fix fog / in-cloud effects in X-Plane 10
  • Improve accuracy of cloud altitudes
  • Added backup weather download capabilities when using “always” mode in Real Weather Connector
  • Fade time when cloud layers change increased to 30 seconds
  • Fixed fog inside stratus clouds
  • Fixed cloud shadows and other special effects in VR
  • Fixed hard edges on solid & broken overcast clouds when viewed from above

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