Большое обновление GSX от FSDreamTeam

FSDreamTeam выпустили большое обновление для GSX! Среди нововведений обновленная система выталкивания (по разметке и свободный вариант движения), а также PBR-эффекты для всех объектов дополнения.

Полный список изменений (english):
(items denoted with * are for P3Dv4.4+ only)

— Custom Pushback improved, with visual customization in the editor, using two modes: Snap to AFCAD Lines and Free Mode
— Most objects remade in native P3D4 PBR format with entirely new models and animations*
— Towbarless Pushback models in PBR, with several color variations*
— Towbarless Pushback can raise/lower the airplane gear during operations*
— Marshaller characters using the native P3D4 SDK skeleton system for better animation*
— New Fuel Hydrant service vehicle* Requires GSX Level 2
— Custom camera system to easily focus GSX object activities*
— Support for Attached Objects for better efficiency, performance, and variety of characters*
— Vehicle customization system remade, using DirectX-based logos, for much easier user customization and flexibility. The old PaintKit is now deprecated in P3D4.*
— Operator logos for Handling, Catering, and Jetways can be easily customized with user-provided images*
— Custom operator logo can be associated with several Base Color variations of most of the models – which are supplied in multiple base repaints*
— Number of installed repaints greatly reduced thanks to new DirectX rendering system, while the number of base color repaints has increased, allowing for better customization, flexibility, and performance*
— All stock logo files have been moved in a single Texture folder under main installation root
— ICAO-related vehicle assignment rules have been moved from individual vehicle SIM.CFG files, to a centralized rules file, which can be user customized more easily (both stock and user-customized operators)
— ULDs now have their own individual ID displayed*
— Marshaller Distance readout now made in DirectX for better performance and can be set in meters or feet depending on the simulator’s setting*
— Fuel Counter on Fuel Trucks readout now made in DirectX for better performance*
— Custom cameras are active when editing a parking or airplane configuration, making it easier to move objects/customize doors.*
— Added a number of new variables 3rd-party add-ons can use.
— New deicing strategy which queries both Simconnect Metar and Temp variables to prevent false icing condition detection.
— Passenger ‘Hello’ sounds are less frequent (editor’s note: greatly appreciated by some of us!)
— Deice can choose fluid concentration
— Facility data not queried anymore while cruising; preventing a simulator bug that resulted in crashes while flying over remote areas
— Detect changes to scenery library without requiring restart
— Custom steering system for PMDG airplanes, fixing the vibrating rudder issue
— A number of other useful changes/bugfixes.

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