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The island of Usedom is the first free DLC for Fernbus Simulator and contains two completely new destinations: The seaside resort of Ahlbeck and the town of Usedom.

Usedom is located in the Baltic Sea in Pomerania and is divided between Germany and Poland. You will be able to travel to the destinations of Ahlbeck and Usedom, but there is also a Bus Depot in the city of Wolgast

  • 2 new destinations - Ahlbeck and Usedom
  • Bus Depots in Ahlbeck, Usedom and Wolgast
  • Various routes to the destinations
  • Peenebridge at Wolgast with train traffic
  • Lovely and detailed recreation of the Baltic seaside location
  • Railway crossings
  • Camping sites, Lighthouses and lots of small villages

Испытай один раз полет и твои глаза навечно будут устремлены в небо. Однажды там побывав, на всю жизнь ты обречен тосковать о нем.
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